Creative Design

As AYDEMA, we try to add a privilege to you in order to realize result-oriented smart solutions that we offer against variable needs, and useful, successful and creative designs that are compatible with constantly renewed fashion and technology.


Rack Solutions

We always try to present you with care, our rack solutions we produce with innovative design, high quality workmanship and product quality, and our products with a different product range applicable to every sector.

About Us

Our AYDEMA brand, which we created as Aydemir Bronze Shelf and Hanger Systems, has given priority to making our customers happy in order to provide all the solutions a store needs, by combining our amateur spirit with our high quality workmanship, and providing repetitive standards in each new project with the successful projects we have realized so far, effective teamwork, fast and high quality production techniques and customer-oriented solutions. Especially with our more than 60 years of experience in processing metal products, we, as AYDEMA, have the chance to prove our dedication to the work we have always done, in order to develop solutions that keep up with the changing technology and fashion, depending on our vision and missions, in order to carry our services even further. In short, AYDEMA, an Aydemir Bronze product, has always existed and will exist as a structure that uses all its energy and experience to be a reliable business partner for its customers.


01. Rack and Hanger Systems

As AYDEMA, we offer you a wide range of rack and hanger systems, our modular products that we produce by combining many different materials such as wood and metal, which are easy to use, long lasting and tailored to your needs, for retail or wholesale stores, on the wall or in your showcase.


02. Middle Stand and Counter Solutions

As AYDEMA, we offer you our durable, easy-to-use middle stand and counter systems products that will eliminate many of the problems you have experienced so far, with our many middle stands and counter solutions that contain different designs and are suitable for your store and products.

03. Retailing Systems

As AYDEMA, we offer you our solution-oriented, convenient and highly visual retailing systems products with innovative designs and high quality material structure that will eliminate minor or major problems in the retailing sector.

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Concept Consulting

In order to respond to the rapidly developing and transforming fashion and technology, we, as AYDEMA, offer you concepts that will solve all your problems and take you to the next step, by combining our innovative and solution-oriented ideas with our experience, with our mission of "Your store is our store" that we have exhibited for years.

A wide range of products as well as an honest reliable business available in manufacturing.

Celal Tokgöz

A place you have to visit if you are going to open a store. The design of my store is very nice. Thank you Aydema Team.

Hayrettin Varol

They thoroughly renovated my store very well, we would like to thank Ms. Neslihan and Mr. Ahmet for their interest.

Hasan Kömür

Customer Feedback