Aydema Bronze Shelf and Hanger Systems

Our AYDEMA brand, which we created as Aydema Bronze Shelf and Hanger Systems, has given priority to making our customers happy in order to provide all the solutions a store needs, by combining our amateur spirit with our high quality workmanship, and providing repetitive standards in each new project with the successful projects we have realized so far, effective teamwork, fast and high quality production techniques and customer-oriented solutions. Especially with our more than 60 years of experience in processing metal products, we, as AYDEMA, have the chance to prove our dedication to the work we have always done, in order to develop solutions that keep up with the changing technology and fashion, depending on our vision and missions, in order to carry our services even further. In short, AYDEMA, an Aydemir Bronze product, has always existed and will exist as a structure that uses all its energy and experience to be a reliable business partner for its customers.


About Us